The Puzzle Box Shop's (HELLRAISER)

29 Apr 12 After picking up the NECA Hellraiser Cenobite Lair set last year, I became interested in getting a full-sized Lament Configuration as seen in the first three films (the later ones don't exist for me).  I actually owned and assembled a Lament Configuration model kit back in the mid-90s (made by ??) but it didn't survive very long and was in utter shambles the last time I visited my parent's house.

Seeing as how I've been collecting museum-quality replicas and collectibles over the last three years, I decided that if I was going to purchase another Lament Configuration, it was not just going to be a cheap model kit or a poorly made mass-market version from China.  No sir, I want a quality Lament Configuration that is worthy of display next to the rest of my collection.  After spending a couple of days doing some searching through collectible forums and Google, I came upon The Puzzle Box Shop.  The Puzzle Box Shop sells a handmade Lament Configuration that offered something beyond anything else I had seen - a full size mahogany and brass puzzle box that was actually movable! 

After getting another member on the Sideshow Freaks forum to vouch for The Puzzle Box Shop's wares and service, I immediately placed my order.

Although not really a screen-accurate static configuration, I enjoy displaying the box this way.

According to The Puzzle Box Shop's website, this movable Lament Configuration is individually handcrafted and made to order with a 6 - 8 week lead time.  Once ordered, the box is cut in-house and then stained a dark mahogany.  The sides of the box are constructed out of thin brass and "etched all the way through to show the beautiful mahogany beneath it."  Using the original Hellraiser film as its reference point, all of the etchings are created by a professional etching company and the site claims that the finished product is the most screen accurate Lament Configuration on the market.

During production, The Puzzle Box Shop's owner, Kevin Knott, was nice enough to provide me with "work in progress" photos.  These pictures really had me excited to see the finished product...

Just after the "fingers" were roughed out.


Fine tuning of the fingers.

Sadly, after waiting the mandatory 8 weeks for the box's completion and delivery, mine arrived with a serious ding on one of the sides thanks to some rough handling by the Postal Service.  Again, just to be clear, this was not The Puzzle Box Shop's fault.  In fact, Kevin was really helpful in getting this hiccup resolved as he promptly went to work on building me a completely new box at no additional cost! 

This is what overnight service gets you these days.



Fortunately for the both of us, the package was insured so it was just a matter of filing a claim and returning the box to him to resolve any financial losses.  Just four short weeks later after this initial "preview" with my Lament Configuration, Kevin had the new one delivered to my doorway in mint condition. 

Top-down view as it sits on the glass display dome's walnut base.

This Lament Configuration ships with a signed Certificate of Authenticity contained in a small envelope with the neatly printed words, "Take it, it's yours... it always was," written on the outside in a nice bit of homage to the franchise. 

When actually moving the Lament Configuration, the upper and lower pieces slide out and in smoothly as a testament to the maker's craftsmanship.  Also, this truly is a puzzle box as it will only fit together squarely in one configuration. 

The ability to move this Lament Configuration is a brilliant feature and quite distinguishing.


The doorway to pleasure and pain?

This Lament Configuration makes for a great conversation piece.

Just mere hours after adding this puzzle box to my collection, guests that I had over for a movie night were already noticing it and commenting on its uniqueness.  Interestingly, I would wager that a lot of the folks that remarked on the box's beauty and design had never even seen any of the Hellraiser films.  This is simply a great conversation piece and a work of art that can be enjoyed by almost anyone. 

I should make note that upon ordering this Lament Configuration, I also ordered an accompanying Glass Display Dome with Walnut Base from The Puzzle Box Shop.  This display case is more or less identical to the display cases seen in Dr. Channard's home in Hellbound: Hellraiser II and perfectly compliments the puzzle box.

The Movable Lament Configuration safely at home.

Please be aware that The Puzzle Box Shop's main website features a variety of Lament Configurations to meet nearly every price point.  I've also been informed by a third-party that if you're looking for a custom Lament Configuration for a NECA Pinhead figure, The Puzzle Box Shop can accommodate that need as well.  I assume my source meant for the 1/4 scale figure, but perhaps they can make a tiny one for the 7-incher too? 

I am thoroughly impressed with this piece and the glass dome, not to mention ecstatic about the quality service I received from The Puzzle Box Shop.  If you're looking for a premium Hellraiser collectible, look no further.  

To order one, please visit